The Author

Pierce Alexander Lilholt is a pioneering author in the world of philosophy and metaphysics. His unique approach to writing, which he calls "deductive questioning," has made waves in the literary world and has inspired readers to think deeply about the fundamental questions of human existence.

In his book, "Are You Awake?," Lilholt challenges readers to question everything they think they know and to look beyond the surface level of their own beliefs and experiences. The book is entirely comprised of questions, making it a truly unique reading experience that encourages active engagement and critical thinking.

Through his writing, Lilholt seeks to awaken readers to the true nature of reality and to inspire them to live more conscious, meaningful lives. His work has been praised for its depth, originality, and transformative power.

In addition to his writing, Lilholt is also a sought-after speaker and teacher, offering workshops and seminars on topics ranging from mindfulness to personal growth. His work has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world, inspiring them to question, explore, and awaken to the true nature of their own existence.